Do you know all the benefits of using firewood? Here are a few wonderful benefits of heating your home with firewood.

  1. You will be self-reliant, which is particularly important when the electricity is unreliable or down. You are no longer dependent on energy companies and won’t fall victim to blackouts due to the usage of conventional electric and gas heating systems. During power failures, you will remain warm and safe in your home. I love that I don’t have to fear that my family will be cold during the winter months.
  2. Firewood is a renewable resource. Thousands of trees are planted every year, so as long as we’re taking good care of our environment, we’ll have firewood for a long, long time.
  3. Lower your utility costs. Even if you use central heat, burning wood is a great way to offset the costs of heating your home. The most cost-effective fuel for heating a domestic home is firewood.
  4. If you aren’t able to take up an ax, or you simply don’t have the time to go chop trees down yourself, the great news is that other people will do it for you. There are trusted and reliable companies, such as Dobbelare Distributing, who will deliver high-quality firewood right to you!
  5. Burning firewood is carbon neutral and doesn’t contribute to global warming. When the wood rots on the forest floor it releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as when you burn it in your fireplace.
  6. A blazing fireplace produces a delightful atmosphere and radiant heat unlike anything else. And don’t forget, it will warm you and your family during those viciously cold winter nights, also.

I hope you enjoyed reading about these fantastic benefits that using firewood can have for you and the environment.

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Dobbelare Distributing Hardwood Firewood is aged for a minimum of one year to ensure proper burning and minimize excess smoke. Our typical mix includes Oak, Cherry, and Hickory. Wood is available in select single specimens upon request.

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