Are you tired of getting splinters and having debris all over your floor? You need a log carrier! If you use your fireplace, a log carrier is a piece of equipment you might want to consider buying.

Log carriers are bags made of strong, durable fabric in order to limit the risk of splinters, a spill, or tearing under the weight of heavy firewood. These carriers are designed to take a beating and still look good and work great! Be sure to buy or make a high-quality product.

They also keep the mess confined while carrying firewood through your home. Unlike when you simply carry the wood inside with your hands, the debris will be contained within the carrier and your clothes, floors, and carpets will stay clean.

This product makes carrying large quantities of heavy firewood a much easier job. Use it in conjunction with your home or cabin’s fireplace or fire pit, or while camping.

Here is a link to a list of 12 quality log carriers, from cheap ($15) to expensive ($100+).

If you’d rather DIY your log carrier, here are two different articles for you.

  1. Canvas Log Carrier with Dowels
  2. Canvas Log Carrier with Rope

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