Firewood! Just the thought of it evokes coziness, relaxation, and elbow grease. That’s right, a lot of work as just one cord of wood weighs more than 4000 pounds. And imagine how many times it will need to be dealt with between stump and fireside. Ready to learn what your firewood goes through before it arrives at your door, ready to make you warm and cozy?


First, the tree is chopped down, cut into fire logs and loaded for transport. Second, the logs will be split and stacked for seasoning, usually for a year at least. Third, the firewood is loaded for shipment to the customer. Fourth, the wood is stacked for dry storage until required. And fifth, at last, the log is carried to the fire. That’s five multiplied by two tons or ten tons of hoisting for every single cord of wood burned. Now I ask you, is firewood truly worth so much work? My answer is “Of course!”

Look at the positive aspects. Nothing tempers the chilly water-logged days like the crackling heat of a wood fire. And the old proverb, wood heats you twice, or in my case, six times point out the healthy aspects of firewood. Consider our energy problem and the deteriorating environment. Oil spills, acid rain, and nuclear accidents are causes for choosing wood to stand in for less desirable fuels. Most significantly, think about the accessibility of firewood.

On a regular basis, firewood is made available for the taking by property owners who need to get rid of the unwanted debris. And isn’t it a relief to know that when the lamps fade out a result of a power outage there is still at least one household appliance that keeps functioning– the friendly woodstove.

Firewood is one of the best renewable resources on our planet! It creates a wonderful ambiance, and the benefits to the environment when you use it instead of more harmful options are wonderful too. Order yours today from Dobbelare Distributing!

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Dobbelare Distributing Hardwood Firewood is aged for a minimum of one year to ensure proper burning and minimize excess smoke. Our typical mix includes Oak, Cherry, and Hickory. Wood is available in select single specimens upon request.

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