So, when building a wood fire, what type of firewood should you use according to the scent you desire? Each wood species has its own unique scent when burning, and you have a vast selection to choose from. 


Here’s a quick introduction to some of the most popular and widely-used types of firewood.

Since scent is such a subjective characteristic, it is sometimes difficult to choose based on what other people prefer. Because scents are so problematic to describe out loud, usually descriptions are vague. However, if a smell brings to mind another recognized scent, usually it will be added to the description. For example, rosewood smells like roses. 

Apple – mildly smoky, sweet scent, like apple perfume, very popular for cooking all kinds of food

Cherry – mild fruity scent and flavor, used to cook pork

Maple – a mellow, somewhat sweet aroma and flavor, smokey. Commonly used to smoke fish and pork.

Hickory – a strong sweet scent and flavor, sometimes described as having bacony flavor, used for smoking many meats and foods.

Pine – sometimes leaves a strong pine smell behind, this can be a bit overwhelming inside, but is wonderful outdoors. Many people also associate the winter season with the scent of pine.

Lilac – light, subtle smoke scent and flavor, floral tones, very popular for grilling fish

Oak – sweet scent, very pleasant and homey. Used to smoke many different meats and foods.

Have a wonderful time curling up in front of your crackling fire!


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