There are numerous types of real Christmas trees, all of which are a great choice over artificial if your family wants a real tree in the home this holiday season. This article goes over a few different types, and their pros and cons. Choose the best tree for you and your family!

The most common type of Christmas trees is the six-foot Scotch pines, which fit nicely into the average home living room. The needles on this tree don’t usually fall even when they’re dry, so it is a wonderful tree to display for the holiday season.

White Pine tree branches are often used in wreaths, garlands,  and centerpieces due to their long, feathery, soft needles.  Although the branches can sometimes be a bit too flexible to support heavier ornaments, it is nonetheless a gorgeous tree to look at. 

One kind of Christmas tree is the Deodora cedar, which has blue-green short needles with pendulous needle tips. Another cedar, the Eastern red, has shiny dark green leaves. It emits a great scent, reminding people of
cedar chests and crushed fruit. Though it will only last 2-3 weeks so be sure to buy it close to the big day. Though its sticky to the touch, it dries out swiftly it is best chosen in a humid climate.

One of the most popular of Christmas trees in the southeast part of the U.S. is the Leland Cypress. This tree has dark green or gray foliage. The branches are feathery and its scent is pleasing but light. This tree is ideal in the homes of people with allergy problems.

The Douglas fir is a popular type of Christmas tree, and easily flocked. It has a great fragrance and lives longer than a lot of other trees. Its leaves are either dark green or blue. Its sister fir, the Fraser, has needles that are flatter and dark green. It holds its needles well and gives off a pleasant aroma.

For a more citrus aroma from your Christmas tree you can pick the grand fir, with dark green shiny needles. If you desire a more durable tree that can hold your heaviest ornaments the noble fir is a great option. With proper care, it will live a long and healthy life as a Christmas tree. This fir makes an eye-catching, strong and durable wreath as well.

Pine and spruce are two other types of Christmas trees that are very commonly used. The pine has a wonderful, classic fragrance. The spruce dries quickly, and its needles drop rapidly. It might not be a good choice if you want a long-term display tree.

This holiday season, pick your tree carefully!

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