Cherry firewood is favored by many people. Cherry can provide you and your family with a beautiful, warm fire that also smells wonderful.

The black cherry (also referred to as wild cherry) is a common tree spotted throughout Eastern and Central United States. Black cherry is a somewhat low BTU hardwood that burns with medium heat. Black cherry firewood burns adequately but not as hot or long as hardwoods like oak which are much denser.

The fruits of the tree are eaten by birds and other wildlife. The cherry tree spreads quickly through the forest as the seeds are spread by the wildlife. 

The cherry tree is well-known for its stunning bright white aromatic blossoms in the spring season. Japanese cherry trees have gorgeous pink blossoms and drive lots of tourism during the time they bloom. The blossoms are then closely followed by large amounts of red berries growing on the cherry trees. The berries start to grow in the spring and are hard and bitter at first. As they slowly ripen, the berries turn to a darker color, begin to soften and become sweeter. Humans can eat these berries, but most describe the flavor as bitter and won’t desire to eat them again after trying them once.

The bark of a young cherry tree is usually smooth. The bark turns to a very distinctive scaly texture as the tree grows and matures. An adult cherry tree will sometimes grow 80 feet tall. Cherry trees are known for producing high-quality lumber. The wood is used to make flooring, cabinets, and furniture. The wood fiber of cherry trees has a reddish hue on the inside and emit a pleasant scent. It is also a good firewood to use for smoking foods.

The firewood is known for its pleasant aroma when burnt making it a popular choice for a fireplace. When burnt in an open fireplace, Cherry does seem to spark more than other hardwoods which could lead to issues. Using a fireplace screen will prevent sparks from bouncing out.

When compared to beech, oak or maple, Cherry is easy to split and supplies moderate heat. While not as commonly used as beech, maple, and oak, cherry can provide sufficient heat for your home.
Cherry can provide you and your family with a beautiful, warm fire that also smells wonderful.

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