Here are some quick tips that will have you burning efficiently in no time! By utilizing good techniques, you can get the best value out of your firewood, and help the environment as a plus.

1. Stacking: While loading your fire, stack the wood loosely. Use different sizes and leave large gaps in between pieces to allow plenty of air to move around the wood.

2. Lighting the Fire: Light your fire with paper, or fire lighters and plenty of dry kindling. As soon as it is blazing nicely, add progressively larger pieces until you have developed a good amber bed. Only after that should split logs be added.

3. Overloading: Don’t load up your fire with a lot more wood than you really need. Six pieces of wood will burn nearly as quickly as one piece, and will waste much more heat up the flue. Load your fire with smaller amounts frequently, instead of larger amounts less often. Your wood burner should be no more than half full of wood at any given time. Apart from causing unnecessary smoke and pollution, overfilling simply wastes your money.

4. Pollution: In addition to the fact that pollution is visually unappealing, smoky fires can pose a health risk, and waste your money. Smoke is simply un-burnt fuel which you don’t get heat benefits from. A clean burning fire is an efficient fire, and it gives you the most usable heat for the least cost. It saves you money, and helps reduce air pollution.

5. Using the right wood: Do not ever burn driftwood, painted treated or wood, household refuse, plastic, etc. These materials can give off corrosive, poisonous, and hazardous fumes. They can also lead to a build-up of toxic acid and dioxins, which can seriously damage the environment and your heater both.

Use these tips to your benefit, and enjoy your cozy, warm fire this fall season!

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Dobbelare Distributing Hardwood Firewood is aged for a minimum of one year to ensure proper burning and minimize excess smoke. Our typical mix includes Oak, Cherry, and Hickory. Wood is available in select single specimens upon request.


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