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High quality firewood delivered right to your home.

Dobbelare Distributing Hardwood Firewood is aged for a minimum of one year to ensure proper burning and minimize excess smoke. Our typical mix includes Oak, Cherry, and Hickory. Wood is available in select single specimens upon request. Our product is cut to 16″ lengths and can be purchased in a 3x5, 4x6, 4x8 stack or by the row.

Heating your home with wood is economical, creates cheer and ambiance, and has less environmental impact than burning fossil fuels such as coal, propane, or natural gas. And, unlike fossil fuels, wood is a renewable resource.

However, harvesting your own wood can be difficult, dangerous work, and inconvenient for residents of urban areas. Let Dobbelare do the work for you! Even with delivery and stacking costs, wood is still one of the least expensive forms of heat available. Since Dobbelare’s delivery and stacking is always free, we can maximize your energy savings and provide your home with warm and a cozy atmosphere.

Service areas include the greater Chicago and St. Louis areas. Delivery and stacking is always FREE.

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